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Design express is looking for 3 International Digital Marketeers

Have you ever considered joining a small and medium-sized enterprise?

Here are some good reasons why you should: 

First of all Design Express is a vibrant company with headquarters in Mechelen (Leest) and offices in Paris, Gouda and Warsaw. We support designers in architecture, interior design, garden, landscape, urban planning and events in their mission to leave their mark on society by distributing market-leading digital workflows which bring their designs and creativity to life.




KISS End of the Road Tour © SRae Productions en Steve Jennings

Jewel Changi Airport



Jewel Changi Airport at Singapore © PWP Landscape Architecture

Joining the marketing team means you’re in for some mind-growing challenges as you will be part of:

  • headquarters at the heart of decision-making 
  • an international team, taking on central responsibilities for all markets  
  • a small team where your impact is big ánd appreciated
  • a company in full transformation, enabling you to build and create new stuff from scratch
  • a wonderful mixture of hands-on ‘do it’ experience & strategic ‘why should we do it’ reflection 

In an ever digitizing world, Design Express keeps expanding successfully and that is why we are looking for 3 strong digital customer-oriented marketeers to join the central marketing team in Mechelen in order to build a strong glocal inbound marketing strategy for our different markets Benelux, France & Poland.

Triggered to find out? Discover our job openings below! 

Job openings

International Digital Customer Lifecycle Marketeer

The customer is always top of your mind, and together with your result and revenue driven attitude you create impactful acquisition, retention, cross- and upsell campaigns for all markets.

  • So that means you are responsible for the overall campaign planning and you coordinate as well each campaign successfully from a-z. You remain critical by improving existing campaigns and you conceive new ones for which you dive into data insights.  

  • You are excited to build, with a strong collaborative mindset, a new customer lifecycle approach in which we are defining and creating prospects and customer journeys, identifying moments of truth and relevant touch points while keeping customer experience top of mind. 

  • Strategy and action go hand in hand as your project management skills will conduct the transition of our current marketing campaign tools in the roadmap, introducing campaign automation and implementing the newly conceived journeys. Knowledge of Hubspot is a big plus. In the meanwhile you optimize the current toolsuite used for email fulfillment and data capturing. Furthermore you act as stakeholder in the development of our CRM & ERP-system. 

  • You are also involved, together with the local marketeers and the business units, in developing segment-based marketing activities within a complex canvas of different designer segments and different market maturities. 

Sounds like your cup of tea? Get in touch now: laurence.pouille@designexpress.eu

International Digital Content Marketeer & Copywriter (Dutch)

You are one creative centipede that knows how to capture the aspirations of our beloved designers into concise, seducing, “hell ya” stories, images & videos that have one thing in common: the power of engaging and converting!

  • As our corporate copywriter you understand that we are not selling software and you are keen in “getting” our designers, because you will build from scratch a brand new tone of voice in our key growth areas. Obviously, digital and SEO runs through your veins.

  • You are pivotal in our brand new content strategy and will develop it’s 3 pillars, by mainly collecting, through a vast range of sources but also adapting and creating all content stories, images & videos at the benefit of all markets. You organise this content so that it can vehicule in the most effective way.      

  • You walk with a radar on your head understanding what tingles our designers in the world out there, and create smart content that plays on trends relevant to our market and audience.  

  • You orchestrate the overall content calendar and establish, together with the members of the marketing team, a digital relationship with our audience by creating trust and loyalty, and in which engagement and conversion lead ultimately to more traffic and leads.

  • You create and maintain a network of digital partnerships extending our audience reach beyond our own channels. 

  • As our designers are visually and graphically high-sensitive folks, you understand and create with us a powerful look & feel characterizing our on- and offline communication assets.   

  • You are the spoc for our team of french and polish translators and you also coordinate the jobs to be done by our external graphic designer. 

Feeling all excited? Throw your creativity at us and get in touch: laurence.pouille@designexpress.eu

International Digital Channel Marketeer

Your technical and analytical expertise will empower all our digital channels to absolute new heights, reaching and capturing our beloved audience of designers! 

You are the central spoc rolling out best digital practices for all markets and conducting digital projects in the roadmap: 

  • With your Drupal skills you drive the entire scope of web-design and maintenance:

    • Spotting business-critical UX improvements 

    • Re-designing the scope to keep up with corporate developments

    • Designing new campaign pages and landing pages

    • Updating the day2day

  • Your project management skills lead the migration of our current Drupal 7 to 8 or 9, and you are in charge of assessing and implementing our brand new webshop  

  • Your profound knowledge of SEO, Ad campaigning and tag management result in a best practice framework to boost channel traffic in all markets, collaborating with our local marketeers

  • Your analytical and ever-curious mind: 

    • sets and follows-up a best-in-class performance tracking canvas across all-markets consolidating key web metrics, social media evolution and goal reach, performance of the content calendar, SEO, campaign performance, performance of digital partnerships and lead generation & conversion.

    • the strategic side of you translates these metrics in action-driven insights which you coordinate with all markets 

  • You assess the current strategic positioning of our Social Media network and recommend on channel network expansion.  

  • … and at last this empty bullet point represents all the ideas we hope you enjoy to bring on, putting your mark on the company, and that will make us all grow.

So are you in? Contact me: laurence.pouille@designexpress.eu